SSR2 Barbagallo Twilight Long Track (rego & pay via CAMS portal)

  • 02 Mar 2018
  • 3:30 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Barbagallo Raceway
  • 45


  • Dorian hire additional $20. Register your place here for CLUB RECORDS ONLY. You pay and register via the new Cams portal (links contained in the event description)

Registration is closed

NOTE: Please register here for CLUB RECORDS only, you must then also register and pay via the new CAMS online portal (links below) 
For Round 2 of the Sports Series we return for a Friday Twilight Event at Barbagallo Raceway using the long track.  We will have the HSV Club with us.
If you are unsure of whether to enter the event do not procrastinate just do it.  We will get you involved in a non confronting environment at your pace.  Got a Porsche and going to sit on the couch on Friday 2 March evening and eat chocolate - no way come to the event and enjoy your car!!!
The canteen at the track will be operating on the evening as well.
This is a speed event which means you will be racing the clock to get your best lap time for the day on the long track with a warm up lap, four (4) timed laps and a cool down lap.  The short track is still in action however it is not proposed to use it.
Scrutineering 3.30pm-4:30pm Friday 2 March at the track. If you come later than the last 15 minutes you will miss the start of the event.  Scrutineering will get to you when they are able.  Please bring a pre filled copy of the scrutineering checksheet with you 2 Mar 2018 Barbagallo Scrutineering Checksheet.pdf
Drivers Briefing  4:30-4:45pm
Into It 5:00 pm
See the approved SuppRegs for more detail. SuppRegs 2018 SSR2 Barbagallo 2 March 2018.pdf 
Registration must be completed on the CAMS website,
   If you are new to the CAMS site you'll need to use your CAMS number to login and set yourself and your car up on the system.  You only need to do that once and then registering for an entry is simple and quick.
The cost is $150 per competitor and is paid direct to CAMS via the aforementioned registration portal (plus $20 plus to CAMS for a Dorian Time Transmitter if you don't have your own).  Entry fee includes one day membership of the Porsche Club provided you are already a member of a CAMS affiliated car club.

The specific requirements for vehicles and drivers are defined by CAMS and are available at . It is important that each driver understands these requirements.  The key points to be aware of for the PCWA Sporting Series as per the CAMS Schedules are:

1.   Licence requirements: Level 2 Speed CAMS licence: click here to see the application form.

2.   ASA Approved helmet that meets the Australian Standard AS1698    (other acceptable overseas standards are SFI24.1, SA2000, E22 & BS6658-85) these are available at motorbike or speed shops.

3.   Clothing needs to be wrist to neck to ankle, flammable synthetic material is not acceptable.  Cotton is recommended.  Fully closed shoes also.

4.   Fire extinguisher fitted to your vehicle, NO new holes need to be drilled in your car, existing seat bolts can be utilised and the frame & bottle can be easily removed when not needed.  Extinguisher needs to meet Australian Standard AS1841 and be 900g minimum capacity.  It needs to be firmly secured and must be not more than 3 years old.

5.   Visible tow points/hook(s) front and rear, where they are not visible they need to be marked with the word “Tow”.  Stickers are available from race shops such as Go Gear for this.  Porsche tool kits have a tow hook which is acceptable

6.   Display a blue triangle (sides 150mm) indicating the location of the battery. Stickers are available from race shops such as Go Gear for this, alternatively electrical tape can be used to mark out a triangle.

7.   Glass headlights need to have an adhesive cover or tape fitted to prevent the spillage of glass onto the track.

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